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Use the Academic ICT Baseline to design your Whole-School ICT Integration plann

Whole-school ICT Integration was introduced into education in the 1980's. ICT are now ubiquitous in all levels of education. Many university courses are taught entirely on-line as University instructors assume students have mastered basic ICT skills.

The Academic ICT Baseline, reflects this belief! Developed in 2013, university instructors rank the ICT skills they expect of students. This information provides school administrators and educators with a unique decision-making tool.

There are 4 steps in creating a seamless Whole-School ICT Integration program:

  1. Pre-assess the current campus ICT status
  2. Scaffold comprehensive strategies based on the Academic ICT Baseline
  3. Plan effective professional development to support ICT integration
  4. Post-assess campus results and decide how to build on program success

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Learn more about achieving Whole-School ICT Integration and the Academic ICT Baseline

University instructors expect all students to have basic ICT skills before entering university. In 2013, I asked university instructors to rank the importance of 65 basic ICT skills used daily in university coursework. From their responses I developed the Academic ICT Baseline, a unique planning and decision making tool for administrators and teachers.

For example: the most highly-rated ICT skills are in Research and Data Management:

  1. Use browsers for general & academic purposes
  2. Use key words in an advanced search
  3. Use search sites to find accurate & reliable information
  4. Properly record, catalogue & cite electronic data references

All 65 ICT skills were rated important by the university instructors and are included in a Whole-School ICT Integration program. These 65 ICT skills fall into 11 categories and can be aligned both vertically and horizontally with any curriculum. Once embedded these important ICT skills are seamlessly reinforced daily in every classroom. 

Whole-School ICT Integration brings campus technology into compliance with higher education.

About the Academic ICT Baseline 

CERTIFICATIONS: Texas Board of Education, USA: Vocational Technology, Computer Technology & ESL; Chinese Expert Certificate, PRC: Middle/Secondary School; Australia, Tasmania  & Victoria Teaching Boards, ​General Studies
EDUCATION: Ph.D. U of Tasmania, AU: Technology Education (2016); M.Sc. U of Edinburgh, UK Design & Digital Media (2005); B.Sc. U of Texas, USA: Journalism (1985)

and I'm an Academic ICT Consultant & University Adviser

Whole-School ICT Integration & the Academic ICT Baseline

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