There is a difference between student counselling and university advising: student counselling is pastoral - University Advisement is business!

The growth in the number of international students enrolling in foreign schools and their willingness to pay high tuition fees have intensified the marketing and recruitment efforts of higher education providers.​ It is increasingly difficult for pastoral school counsellors to provide college placement services in this changing marketplace. And, non-school, for-profit placement companies work for the universities and not your parents and students.

University Advisement Consultancy is an important, new administrative option available to schools that require high-level placement services for pre-grad students and families. University Advisement Consultancy ​programs provide students and parents with 24/7 in-person and on-line support in all areas of global higher education. Recruitment is student-driven. Students establish direct contact with university recruiters and learn academic ICT and assimilation skills by taking the lead-role in their recruitment process. 

For many of these families, monetary considerations may be equal to academic concerns. University Advisement Consultants, knowledgeable and experienced in business, administration and education, help parents and students understand their recruitment options.​

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Janet Price

Hi! My name is

Education is my passion. I became a teacher after 20-years in an executive role in an American publishing company. My strengths in multimedia communication were immediately in great demand in American high schools where vocational preparation and university advising became my speciality. 

As University Adviser for both Chinese domestic and international students, I worked closely with parents and teachers to address the challenges inherent in transitioning to Western educations. Again, I observed that these students lacked the ICT skills they would need every day at the university level.

​CERTIFICATIONS: Texas Board of Education, USA: Vocational Technology, Computer Technology & ESL: Chinese Expert Certificate, PRC: Middle/Secondary School; Australia, Tasmania  & Victoria Teaching Boards, ​General Studies
EDUCATION: Ph.D. U of Tasmania, AU: Technology Education (2016); M.Sc. U of Edinburgh, UK Design & Digital Media (2005); B.Sc. U of Texas, USA: Journalism (1985)

and I'm an Academic ICT Consultant & University Adviser