Janet Price

Prepare your pre-grads for university. Close the 
Academic ICT Gap using the Academic ICT Baseline

CERTIFICATIONS: Texas Board of Education, USA: Vocational Technology, Computer Technology & ESL; Chinese Expert Certificate, PRC: Middle/Secondary School; Australia, Tasmania  & Victoria Teaching Boards, ​General Studies
EDUCATION: Ph.D. U of Tasmania, AU: Technology Education (2016); M.Sc. U of Edinburgh, UK Design & Digital Media (2005); B.Sc. U of Texas, USA: Journalism (1985)

and I'm an Academic ICT Consultant & University Adviser

My Bio

Learning is not difficult once you discover what you need to know!

In 2000, I began teaching in Texas and I quickly discovered that my multicultural, multilingual students needed creative curriculum relevant to their career goals. Using my corporate background, I developed Project IF: Ideas for the Future a rigorous curriculum that incorporates the best practices of entrepreneurship with the digital skills required for successful life-long learning. 

Project IF: Ideas for the Future underpins the Pre-Grad ICT Training program. The skill sets include the 65 Academic ICT Baseline skills required for higher education. It is a fundamental preparation for university and in helping students become confident, creative young adults. 

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About Project IF: Ideas for the Future & the Academic ICT Baseline

About the Academic ICT Baseline 

University instructors expect all students to have basic ICT skills before entering university. In 2013, I asked university instructors to rank the importance of 65 basic ICT skills used daily in university coursework. From their responses I developed the Academic ICT Baseline, a unique planning and decision making tool for administrators and teachers. 

For example: the most highly-rated ICT skills are in Research and Data Management:

  1. Use browsers for general & academic purposes
  2. Use key words in an advanced search
  3. Use search sites to find accurate & reliable information
  4. Properly record, catalogue & cite electronic data references

All 65 ICT skills were rated important by the university instructors and are included in the Project IF: Ideas for the Future program. Students are creatively challenged to use their knowledge to work successfully on peer-support and in teams: important business and academic skills.

Project IF: Ideas for the Future can be seamlessly integrated into any educational level and underpins your Whole-School ICT Integration  efforts.